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Josette Moore, Business Development Strategist & Credit Builder Specialist

Yes, I am your expert Business Development Strategist and Credit Builder Specialist. My job is to assist entrepreneurs and business owners with attaining the essentials for successful outcomes in their business ventures. Also, I specialize in identifying the barriers that are challenges for your personal AND business credit. I then come up with the plan to destroy the barriers or simply create a new path to your goals! Finishing up with counseling for future reference.

 So whether you’re looking for specific advice or need all around assistance cutting costs in the current business climate, I can be on hand to guide and inform!

Business Plans

It is critical to have a business plan that demonstrates the path that you are following for the success of your company. When this comes full circle, financial institutions are more likely to look at your company favorably. If you do not have a plan, we can turn that around within 7-10 business days!

Why Choose Me?

Although you may want to start a business, I understand that may not know where to start. Our friendly staff will research all of the legal requirements of your state and file all of the paperwork to get you legal and earning!

And not only that, you will have the education needed to ensure a solid foundation and understanding of what it takes to continue down the path to success economically and financially!


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